According to the Deferred Action guidelines, you must provide certain documents to be able to apply. The following are some of the documents mentioned in Director Napolitano’s letter and in DHS websites that could be used in order to prove each of the different requirements for deferred action if you qualify.  Remember that the editor’s of this site are not lawyers and this does not constitute legal advice, this is merely a collection of suggested evidence gathered from different sources.

Required Documentation


You must prove your identity and age (including that you were under age 31 on 06/15/12). This can be proven by the following documents

• Certified copy or photo copy of your birth certificate.

• Valid & Expired passport from your country of origin

• Valid &Expired consular ID’s

• Valid& Expired school ID’s

• Photo ID documents issued by DHS

• Any other official photo ID

Proof of arrival in the US before age 16, have continuously resided in the US from 06/15/07 to the present, and evidence you were present in the United States on 06/15/12. These can be proven by providing:

• Complete school records (transcripts)

• Financial Records (bank statements, checks, bills, credit card, rent)

• Medical Records (vaccination records)

• Employment Records (including tax returns)

• Military Records

• Any other records (cell phone, sports or academic club record, church records)


Provide proof you are in school, graduated from high school, have a GED, or have been honorably discharged from the military. This can be done by collecting the following records

• High school Diploma

•GED Certificate

• School Transcripts

• Report Cards

• Military Records

If any of the following apply to you, you should also gather the following materials.

If you have immediate family with lawful immigration status

• Proof of lawful immigration status of your family member

• Proof of your family relationship


If you’re married

• Proof of lawful immigration status of your spouse, if any

• Certified copy of marriage certificate


If you have children

• Certified copy of children’s birth certificate

• Proof of your children’s lawful immigration status, if any


If you’ve had any immigration history

• Lawful entry documents (visa, I-94, border crossing card)

• Immigration applications filed with DHS

• Removal proceedings documents from DHS and the immigration court.

• Results of an FBI background check showing any stops at the border


If you’ve left the United States for any reason since 06/15/07

• Any travel documents

• Documents explaining or justifying your leave


If you’ve ever been cited or arrested before

• Results of an FBI background check

• Certified copied of dispositions from each citation or arrest, or proof that no charges were


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